J&R Business Enterprises Inc.  is a small business located in New Jersey (USA) actively committed to providing innovative product solutions inspired by nature. We are primarily a Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales Organization with primary focus to source and offer ecofriendly, people friendly and pet safe products to our business and retail customers. Our passion for new ideas and our constant pursuit of advanced technologies have led to innovative products in:

  1. Odor control: Our unique range of Odor Control formulations work by neutralizing the malodor molecules and permanently removing the odor and not just masking. They are available fragrance free and have been proven to be very effective on acidic, basic and neutral malodors. Applications include Industrial & Institutional Odor Control,  Waste Management Odor Control, Pet Odor Control, Room Deodorizers, Bathroom Deoodrizers, Smoke Deodorizers, Dead Animal Deodorizers, ….  . We also specialize in offering custom Dispensers for indoor (small rooms, large rooms, industrial buildings) and outdoor (landfills, composting, ..) use. Our Odor Control products are sold under the Brand names of Epoleon® and Odornet®.

  2. Stain & Odor Removers:  We combine state of the art cleaning formulations with our proprietary odor control formulations to offer our customers a range of Carpet, Hard Surface, Pet and OXY Stain & Odor removers.

  3. Cleaners:  We specialize in Bio-Cleaners for Drain and Grease Trap management and other hard to clean applications like paint, adhesives, graffiti and bitumen removal. For more details on Cleaners Click here.

  4. Pet Care: Products include Pet Room Deodorizers, Pet Stain & Odor Removers, Behavior Modifiers (Calming collars, spray, pads) & No Chew. For more details on Pet Care products Click here.

  5. Waste Management: Products include eco friendly, non chemical,  beneficial bacteria and natural product based solutions for Waste water treatment and sludge treatment odor control, Landfill & Composting Odor control, Garbage / dumpster odor control, Trash Compactor & Trash Chute odor control, Fly control, Transfer station Odor control, Manual & Fully Automated Dispensers. For more details on Waste Management products Click here.

  6. Herbal Healthcare: We offer US patented Herbal Health Care solutions under the Brand names REGSOR® (for Psoriasis), REGZEMA® (for Eczema) and NATURALQR® (for WoundCare, SkinCare, HairCare, Joint Care& General Health). All our Herbal products are clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

All products can be purchased from our online store at www.imart-usa.com. If you have queries or need more info, please email us at sales@jnrbei.com.